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faqWhat is a temporary (Temp) agency?

A temporary agency provides workers to a variety of businesses via short-term contracts or indefinite temporary positions. From the employers’ point of view, temp agencies perform many of the duties of a company’s human resources department, but may be able to do so more efficiently and have access to a wider applicant pool. Workers see temp agencies as a place that will put in the effort to place them in a job, even in a difficult job market. Plus, a temp job can be a foot in the door that leads to a permanent position.


What is a temporary employee?

A temporary employee is an employee appointed to an assignment lasting one year or less, with a specific expiration date. It can last from a day to as long as the contract requires.

Does El Paso Staffing Services offer more than temporary?

Yes, we also have Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire position. Many of our employees due to their motivation have gone from temporary employees to permanent.

How do I apply?

Complete our application forms at our office or download and print them from our website.

What do I bring with me?

Identification, Social Security card, and good disposition.

What should I wear?

We don’t require you to come in formal attire to apply with us. But if we send you to a secondary interview we will discuss the best attire to help you succeed. We always tell our employees to dress in accordance with the job they want to have.

What fees if any will I get charged?

El Paso Staffing Services does not charge its employees for finding them work. But the employee is responsible fees associated with licensing, tests and equipment rentals.

After filling out an application what is the next step?

This depends on the position you applied for.

Some positions are more that 3 months or temp-to-hire, and a second interview will be required to department the proper candidate.

For General Labor, Janitorial, Factory, construction, seasonal or other temporary positions after applying, You must “call in available” for us to consider you for our positions.

What is “Call in available”?

We use a first-come-first-serve system to fill out our daily positions. By calling in available you let us know you are ready and willing to go to work.

Do I have to check in daily?

You don’t have to call in daily, but we recommend you do to be on our daily available list.

Do I get any training or certification wile on the employed with you?

Some training is given by the different employers partnered with us, it can range from computer systems (Excel, QuickBooks, etc.) to equipment (forklift, pallet-jack, etc.). It depends on the requirements and needs of the final employer and not all position will have training.

What pay rate can I expect?

The pay rate depends on the position and most pay depending on the experience and qualifications of the employee. If a position is offered to you the pay rate will be discussed before you begin to work.

Can I expect a pay raise?

The pay rate is dependent on the position and the employer. Any pay rate adjustment based on performance and will be decided by the employer.

How often will I get paid?

That is determined by the length of the assignment. If the assignment last longer than a week you will get paid weekly.

If the assignment is a short assignment less than a week you will get paid at the end of the assignment.

How will I receive my pay?

You can get paid by check or direct deposit. If you elect direct deposit, your will get the paid the Friday after your time card is received.


Will you do a drug test and a background check?

Yes, most of our employers require us to conduct a background checks. It is our policy to conduct random drug screenings to every employee quarterly and anytime the employer requests it.

I have a criminal background; will that affect me being hired?

No, we are an equal opportunity company.

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